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We are a visa and immigration consultancy agency aiming at providing you with the latest immigration advice, news, policy changes and routes to different countries either for work, study, tourism or business and other travel services.

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Care and Support Workers Job Connections (UK)

The health and social care sector in UK and indeed the whole of Europe is in shortage of manpower. We have leads and links for who are qualified and can meet the visa office criteria. There are jobs for: HCAs, social workers, youth & community workers, adult and children support workers, and in the NHS Trusts.


Personalized CV
Drafting and Building

Looking out for a personalized CV drafted to the standard format of employing companies in different countries. We have done the research so you can stand out. Maximize your potential. Our expert consultants create tailored dream CVs that impress employers and open doors to success.


Work Visa
and Permit Consultancy

When a foreign national wants to work overseas, there are simplified routes to follow now when applying to work in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, etc. Unlock global opportunities effortlessly with us. We navigate complex regulations and processes to empower your career journey.


Visa Consultancy

There are a lot of things you will need to put into consideration to make your application successful. Including: courses, colleges paying cheaper tuition, offer scholarships to foreigners, easier payment modes, acceptance rates etc.


Visa consultancy

Should you wish to travel as a tourist or visit a relative, there is a criteria you will need to pass first for different countries. We shall simply that process for you so you can collect only those documents that really matter.



Say goodbye to passport headaches. Experience hassle-free passport processing with our efficient & reliable service. We handle all the paperwork and appointments ensuring a smooth expedited process for your travel needs.


Permanent Residency

Requirements for permanent residency for different countries for those who wish to migrate and settle permanently.


Ticket Booking

We do the leverage for you so that you can fly cheaper, and with a peace of mind, on some of the best and safe airlines.



We do the search for the best hotels for your stay without compromising on your expenditure, fun, comfort & adventure.

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